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Why do so many patients receive dentures? These removable tooth replacement appliances are used to fill large and small tooth gaps so that patients can have a functional smile that isn’t difficult to care for. Some people receive partial dentures to replace a small amount of missing teeth, or they choose complete dentures for a full arch of artificial teeth.

Whatever your needs for replacing teeth, you can receive dentures to enjoy the following important benefits that can enhance your smile:

  • Dentures restore your ability to speak and chew normally by replacing missing teeth that are needed to do both.
  • Dentures not only replace teeth but also fill out your facial features by providing necessary support even after losing several teeth.
  • Having gaps in your teeth can cause you to look much older than you are. Receiving dentures restores a youthful appearance as well as enhances the look of your smile.
  • The empty spaces from missing teeth become an ideal location for bacteria growth and can also cause destabilized gums, which allows nearby teeth to move into these spaces. Placing dentures stabilizes your dental arch and prevents bacteria buildup from affecting your smile.
  • You can remove dentures for daily cleanings, and if they need to be repaired or replaced for better oral health.

If you are a patient with missing teeth or are undergoing tooth extraction, we encourage you to speak with our dentists about your tooth replacement options as soon as possible. Please feel free to schedule a visit to Monticello Dental Center to receive your dentures in Big Lake, Minnesota, from Drs. Calpas, Hendrix, and Amundson. You can reach us by calling 763-263-7100.