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Did you know that flossing your teeth before or after you brush is one of the most important and effective treatments you can provide your smile? Flossing should occur on a day-to-day basis because food particles become trapped in areas of your smile that a toothbrush can’t reach. The regular use of dental floss ensures that your smile receives a more thorough cleaning.

Dr. Dean Calpas and our team offer these tips to achieve a shining smile with dental floss:

-Move the floss string gently in up-and-down motions between each tooth, avoiding pressing down hard on the gum line.
-Use a length of string that is about 18 inches in length and wrap the ends around your middle fingers. This allows you to use a different section of floss for each tooth and avoid spreading debris.
-Remember to not only floss between each tooth but behind the back teeth as well.
-Try to floss at least once per day so that it becomes a daily part of your oral care routine.
-Only choose dental floss or a flossing instrument that has been approved by the ADA or Dr. Dean Calpas.

If you are struggling to choose the right floss for your smile or employ proper flossing tactics, please contact Monticello Dental Center at 763-263-7100. You are welcome to schedule a visit with our dentist at our office in Big Lake, Minnesota to learn more about flossing and receive a thorough dental cleaning to help you ward off dental problems and enjoy a radiant smile.