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You probably know that several things will change when you’re pregnant and that you’ll need to do a few things differently if you’re hoping to keep your teeth healthy and strong? Naturally, brushing and flossing for two minutes at a time twice every day is vital. Have you heard that you should also schedule appointments with us when you learn about your pregnancy?

In fact, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us as soon as you learn about your pregnancy. You see, even though there are a number of oral health treatments you might need to consider avoiding while you’re pregnant, there are certain things you’ll need to do to keep your teeth healthy. Furthermore, have you heard that keeping your smile healthy can also help your child stay healthy?

You see, gum disease is actually a relatively common problem, but pregnant women are more vulnerable than others are. Pregnant women often have more progesterone, which might irritate their gums, which could ultimately cause gum disease. Furthermore, if you have gum disease, you could have to deal with more serious problems.

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