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What will dentures feel like?

They will feel odd and perhaps loose until you build up muscles in your cheek and tongue to hold your dentures securely in. Minor irritation and soreness are normal and common. You may find you have an increase in your saliva flow but will also go away after a few weeks.

Will dentures change the way I talk?

It is possible to have trouble pronouncing some words. The best solution is to speak the word/s aloud and practice them until you are satisfied. If the problems persist, call Monticello Dental Center. If your dentures “click” while talking, please call us at 763-263-7100 for an appointment. While adjusting to your new teeth you can experience a slip when you smile, laugh or a cough. Gently bite down on your dentures while swallowing. If problems persist call Monticello Dental Center at 763-263-7100 for an appointment.

Will my dentures make me look different?

Dentures are made to look like your natural teeth. Therefore, there should not be a huge difference in your appearance, except your smile should be improved.

Will it be difficult to eat with my new dentures?

You will need a few weeks and a little practice to eat with your new dentures. This is perfectly normal and expected. It is a good idea to start out with soft foods and small bites. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. You can gradually introduce some other foods to your diet. Avoid foods that are hard or sticky. Do not chew gum. Be careful with hot foods, shells or sharp bones, and hard foods.

Do you wear your dentures 24/7?

We will tell you how long to wear your dentures and when they should be removed. You may be told to wear them around the clock including when you sleep. This may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is the easiest way to identify where adjustments are needed. When adjustments are complete and your dentures feel like your own teeth it will no longer be necessary to sleep in your dentures.

If you have further questions or you are considering dentures please call Monticello Dental Center at 763-263-7100 for an appointment.